Doing Her


Valerie Reding
Wanna call her names?
An interactive one-on-one performance (3-5 hours). The setting of a photo shooting. The performer’s body as a canvas to explore sexist slurs. An endless loop of construction and deconstruction. A consensual power play between the „muse“ and the spectator. A self-portrait taken by the Performer as the trace of each transient encounter.

Valerie Reding (* 1990) is a transdisciplinary artist who works at the interface between performance, dance, photography, video, installation, drag and event production. With strategies of collage and remixing, her practice is fragmentary and eclectic. The body is at the center of their work and they explore the potential of togetherness, intimacy, shared vulnerability, transformation and camp in order to reconfigure the power relations that structure our society. Her works question binary gender roles as well as norms of sexualities, identities and bodies and explore the effects of the ubiquity of digitality and social media on self-perception, interpersonal relationships and community building.