Limbo by Anita Mucolli

4. may – 27. may 2023

opening 4. may 18:00H

In her work, Anita Mucolli (1993) explores all the feelings, emotions and values we associate with the spaces we experience. She looks back at representations and images, but also looks forward, trying to imagine future spaces that our contemporary, capitalist and digital age might produce. The focus of her artistic research is on the constant interference of human and non-human actors – such as animals, plants, and artificial intelligence – and their increasingly problematic consequences will continue to affect our daily existing and not-yet-existing spaces. In 2022 she completed the MA Fine Arts at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design.

Limbo has become a part of a larger system that produces bodily spaces or situations of abeyance, but also floating scenarios of the world as a whole. This feeling of being in limbo might accurately describe artificially produced situations that certain participants have to go through, such as people being displaced from their homes into the unknown. It might also be the place for all the bodies that never had or have lost their economic, social, and political "value," like the elderly, sick, or animals. Mucolli's show highlights the advances in hygiene, medicine, and biotechnology, which have led to the shifting of the borders between what we call alive or dead. The borders between life and death, fact and fiction, seem to be vanishing slowly, perpetuating the feeling of hanging in poise or of being at the border of a new, yet inaccessible world. "Limbo" invites us to contemplate these complex issues and to consider the implications of technological advancements on our understanding of life and death.

Idastrasse 46, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
Thu - Fri 17-19 h / Sat 12-16 h
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