Spoken Pizza by Andrea Marioni

Created during covid19 restrictions, Spoken Pizza delivered poetry readings at home when most of living arts were shut down. The performer Andrea Marioni embodied this peculiar poetry delivery, and since 2021 proposes different variants of texts reading practice.  The miscellany « Strictly organic » is freshly composed and has been written especially for the venue in Kulturfolger.

The texts will be served out of loud by Andrea Marioni on site.

Andrea Marioni is based in Biel where he works within different swiss art scenes. As a former performer, his practice touches others disciplines such installation, radio art, theater and photography. His works are composed after an immersion into a theme by collecting sources, making field research or simply nourishing imaginary speculations. He refers to himself as a « surrationalist » (G. Bachelard) who collides with a « situationist ». The most important thing, being the -ist than any kind of -ism.

For the performance at Kulturfolger, a fanzine was developed by Giacomo Galletti (Complice Press, Lugano)

Saturday, 20. MAY 2023 at 20:00
Idastrasse 46, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
Thu - Fri 17-19 h / Sat 12-16 h