Cuore mangiato, guscio di fiore by Fattucchiere


opening 15.12 19:00H

We are happy to announce our upcoming exhibition with Fattucchiere on Friday, 15th December 2023, at 7:00 PM. "Cuore mangiato, guscio di fiore" is an exhibition that will take place at the Kulturfolger exhibition space in Zurich, in response to the theme "Convivio" that has marked its annual programming. The artistic and multidisciplinary project is a personal exhibition conceived by the Lugano duo Fattucchiere (Giada Olivotto and Marta Margnetti) and curated by Sibilla Panzeri and Petra Tomljanovic. Drawing inspiration from Huysman's "Against the Grain," the Fattucchiere duo aims to outline a course of action to openly discuss the body, its liberation, and the possibilities of consumption. The exhibition will include an installation section, a sculptural section, and will conclude with a performative dinner on 27. Janunary 2024.

15.12.2024 19h
Idastrasse 46, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
Thu - Fri 17-19 h / Sat 12-16 h

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